The latest Make-up and Cosmetics trends

So you're ready for a new look, or just want to try a different makeup style on your night out? We got you covered. The number of available products can be overwhelming, so lets first go through the latest makeup trends and let you choose your favourite. 

1. Pink lips

Our advice? No more red lips. Go pink! Hot pink with blue undertones looks good on everyone. A matte lipstick guarantees a long lasting color.

2. Structured brows

Bushy brows are over. You need strong, structured, feather brows instead. Keep those hairs in place using a brow gel.

3. Pastel Eyeliner

Add a subtle touch of color to your eyes using a pastel eyeliner. Its quick and easy and gives you an instant fresh look.

4. Blush

So you use a blush on your cheeks? Why not extend it up to your temples and onto your eyelids? Use peachy pink for a clean, romantic look.

5. Bright Mascara

Try a different color mascara to get that colored hue on your lashes. Deep blue or green give you a neutral look, but will surely make people look twice!

Experiment with these make-up trends and make them your own. You'll be amazed with the result!


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