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In the baby nursery furniture and decor category, you will find everything you need in your little one's nursery. Let's go down the list of your nursery essentials to start your search for the best products. You will need a crib that is first of all safe as well as comfortable for your newborn. He or she can sleep up nto 16-17 hours a day and therefore comfort is highly important. This brings us to the next essential: a mattress! An organic or foam one, there is many different types to choose from. Pick one that you believe is best for your baby for him or her to lay comfortable in the little crib. Also make sure to get a waterproof mattress cover and crib sheets. Next on the list would be a nursing chair and pillow, that will allow you to sit down comfortably while feeding your baby. Your little one will also be in need of clothes and therefore your nursery will need to include a drawer or dresser. You could even lay a changing pad on top to use it as a changing table too. Last but certainly not least: you will need lots of diapers, wipes, onesies, socks and generally clothes, as there will be lots of changing during the day!

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